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climate policy in an integrated disaggregated framework

Project Publications and Policy Briefs

The work undertaken in the ClimateCost project has been summarised into a series of short technical policy briefs.  A number are available now and the rest will be available in late 2011.

Volume 1 - Europe

TPBN1 - European and Global Climate Change Projections

TPBN2 – Sea Level Rise

TPBN3 – River Floods

TPBN4 – Energy (Draft)

TPBN5 – Health (Draft)

TPBN6 – Ancillary Air Quality Benefits

TPBN7. Major Events and Tipping Elements.

Volume 1 has also been published as:

Watkiss, P (Editor), 2011.  The ClimateCost Project. Final Report. Volume 1: Europe. Published by the Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden, 2011. ISBN 978-91-86125-35-6.
Additional Policy Briefs

A number of other briefs are presented below.

PAGE09. Integrated Assessment Model. Summary Note.

The ClimateCost project co-funded the development of the new PAGE09 Integrated Assessment Model. More details are available in the Technical Paper.

Review of Costs and Benefits of Adaptation in Europe.

This early review note summarises the literature in Europe.

List of academic publications

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